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Partnership HealthPlan of California is committed to providing culturally and linguistically appropriate health care and services for our members.

In our increasingly diverse society, health care providers serve members from many different cultures. Providers and members may speak different languages; have different ethnic or regional backgrounds; or have different values and expectations based on age, class, sexual orientation, lifestyle, or other factors.

Good health care requires good communication. The use of bilingual relatives, friends and minors in a clinical setting is not recommended. Partnership provides a number of resources to help providers and members communicate better.

​Cultural Competency Training​ for Healthcare Providers and Staff

​Culturally Competent Care (CME)

A Physician's Practical Guide to Culturally Competent Care offers a free online education program accredited for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Up to nine credits are available. This e-learning program is supported by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health.

Telephone Interpreter Services

AMN HealthCare provides telephone interpreter services 24 hours a day. The service is free of charge to providers.

Interpretive Services Quick Reference Guide​​

Online Cultural Competency in Healthcare Certificate Course

An online certificate course addressing cultural competency in healthcare is available through California State University, San Marcos for nurses, hospital administrators, physicians, clinical directors and other health service professionals. This program covers state and federal cultural competency mandates, preparation for institutional accreditation for cultural competency, ethics, language access, and cultural awareness. 

For more information go to: Certificate in Cultural Competency in Healthcare

​Cultural and Linguistic Provider Tool Kit

This toolkit includes diversity, cultural awareness, and communication across language barriers, common signs and phrases in multiple languages, health literacy and a provider self-assessment tool.​

Provider Tool Kit

Cultural and Linguistic and Health Education Population Needs Assessment (PNA)

The Health Education and Cultural and Linguistic Population Needs Assessment (PNA) is conducted by Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans every year to fulfill the contractual obligation to the Department of Health Care Services, Managed Care Quality and Monitoring Division (MCQMD). The purpose of the PNA is to explore the cultural, linguistic and health education needs of Partnership's Medi-Cal population. The goal of the PNA is to improve the health outcomes of the members enrolled in Medi-Cal by: evaluating their health risks; identifying their health needs; and prioritizing health education, C&L services, quality improvement programs and resources to improve health outcomes.

2023 Population Needs Assessment

2022 Population Needs Assessment

2021 Population Needs Assessment

2020 Population Needs Assessment

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