Palliative Care QIP

​In the fall of 2015, Partnership HealthPlan of California participated in a six-month CHCF pilot program to improve access to community-based palliative care services for its members. Evaluation of the pilot program’s impact on cost and patient outcomes supported the decision to extend the palliative care pilot to additional counties in its service area.

Alongside with this expansion, Partnership has designed the Palliative Care Quality Improvement Program (PC QIP), which offers significant financial incentives to support and improve the access to and quality of palliative care provided by our contracted palliative care providers.

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​Palliative Care QIP Overview

To help orient our providers to the Palliative Care QIP, we have provided measurement set documents.

Click here for 2024 Measure Specifications
Click here for 2022 Measure Specifications
Click here for 2023 Measure Specifications


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