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While the COVID-19 landscape has improved dramatically in terms of markedly lower hospitalizations and deaths, the continued threat presented by new variants means that COVID-19 will be requiring our attention and efforts for the foreseeable future. Messaging about and administration of COVID-19 vaccines remains critically important as a key prevention strategy. It is essential that individuals that are exposed or symptomatic test promptly and that rapid access to therapeutics is available for those at higher risk. Because the initiation of treatment is time-sensitive, we encourage providers to look at their office processes to ensure that all exposed and/or symptomatic patients are able to access prompt testing and treatment in an office or telehealth visit. Please note that guidance has changed and treatment is recommended for all adults 50 and over as well as those with high risk or very high risk conditions. High risk includes unvaccinated or under-vaccinated individuals. Please remember even those with mild or moderate symptoms should be treated. 

At Partnership, we are working with the Department of Health Care Services to help ensure that you have easy access to information and resources you and your patients may need. Please check this page regularly for updated information.

  • Please note that there is currently a state-funded California's COVID-19 telehealth service available to residents. Partnership has placed this on our member page as an additional resource for obtaining rapid COVID-19 treatment.

    Visit or call 833-686-5051. Services are expected to continue through February 2024.

Testing and Treatment

Treatment Options

Moderate to severe immunocompromised patients: Per the CDC: "As of January 26, 2023, EVUSHELD is not authorized for emergency use because it is unlikely to be active against the majority of SARS-CoV-2 variants circulating in the United States."  However, identifying moderately to severely immunocompromised members, who are at high risk of serious illness with COVID-19 infection, remains very important. 

These individuals should be encouraged to have a COVID-19 plan in place, in the event they are exposed or develop symptoms of COVID-19. This would include planning for prompt access to testing and treatment. Partnership has reached out to many of these members to provide education about risk and to recommend they contact their provider to formulate a plan. Your efforts to do the same in your clinical setting will increase the odds that these vulnerable patients will have the information needed to help protect themselves from serious disease. The CDC guidelines as to which patients fit into these categories may be found below.

Testing: Please note that while all individuals who are 50 years of age and older, as well as those with high risk or very high risk conditions (links below) are strongly encouraged to seek treatment, all individuals 12 years and older are eligible for treatment. Prompt testing not only helps to limit exposures to others but also affords an opportunity for higher risk individuals to access timely treatment. Listed below are some useful links.

Note: Oral therapeutics are available through Medi-Cal Rx mail order. Short time frames for beginning effective treatment makes use of mail ordering prescriptions challenging as routine deliveries may take 7-10 days. However, 1-2 day shipping is offered by some retail chains.  Providers will need to verify delivery time frames available locally before using this resource. 

Infusion Centers Offering COVID-19 TherapeuticsEvusheld and Bebtelovimab are not currently authorized for use by the FDA for COVID-19 prophylaxis or treatment. A list of all sites offering Remdesivir is not currently available through federal or CDPH websites; Partnership's list of sites which have billed for Remdesivir infusion may be found below. In addition, providers are encouraged to reach out to their local hospital, infusion centers, or local health department to identify access points for Remdesivir infusion.

Treatment Resouces for Providers:

​Additional Resources

COVID-19 Telehealth Provider Webinar 04/29/2020:



Vaccination and Resources

Facts about COVID-19 vaccination and information on getting the COVID vaccine or booster:

Department of Health Care Services (DHCS): The following is guidance and information provided by DHCS for health plans and providers.