Managing Pain Safely (MPS)


On June 1, 2016, Partnership HealthPlan of California (PHC) implemented a new Quantity Limit for Immediate Release Opioids.

The PHC Managing Pain Safely Initiative is working to improve the health of PHC members by ensuring that prescribed opioids are for appropriate indications, at safe doses, and in conjunction with other treatment modalities.

Based on this research and findings, PHC is working with our communities to increase awareness of the importance of safe prescribing of opioid medicine (for example Morphine, Hydrocodone, Methadone, OxyContin, and others).

Our overall goal is to assist clinicians in our network prescribe opioids safely and appropriately. If you would like more information on PHC’s approach to reduce opioid misuse and abuse, please read:

Managing Pain Safely: Multiple Interventions
to Dramatically Reduce Opioid Overuse

Currently, PHC has observed a 89 percent decrease plan-wide for members on unsafe dose opioids (>120 MED) per 100 members per month since the project induction (January 2014 - June  2018).

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There have been multiple sets of formulary changes related to the Managing Pain Safely Initiative. Click below to learn more about these changes.

90 mg MED Formulary Change FAQ

Immediate Release Formulary Change
Learn More about Formulary Changes​ 
Immediate Release Initiative FAQs
​​​Dentists: New Formulary Limits
​​Ortho-Medical Directors: New Formulary Limits
Pharmacies: New Formulary Limits

Provider Resources
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Access provider resources and toolkits, including tools for safely prescribing opioid medication, a toolkit highlighting best practices for tapering, information about naloxone, training resources, and more.

View Toolkits, Resources, and Guidelines


 Member Resources

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​​​​​​View Member Resources available through the Managing Pain Safely Program.


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​Community Coalitions
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Many counties within the Partnership region have developed local opioid coalitions. Click below to learn what counties are doing on the ground to address this epidemic.

Safe Rx Lake County
Safe Rx Marin
Safe Rx Mendocino
Safe Rx Humboldt
No Rx Abuse​