Workforce Development

Partnership HealthPlan of California (PHC) is working on several workforce development initiatives to help increase access to care for our nearly 600,000 members across hundreds of provider organizations. The forecasted shortage of the health care workers within the state of California has been well-documented, and we want to make sure providers across our network have adequate resources to provide high-quality care to our members.


Developing the Workforce:

Together, our collective efforts around workforce development will help meet the growing demand for health care providers in rural and underserved communities. The California Future Health Workforce report, released in 2019, forecasts this shortage to last approximately 10 years.  To help close the provider gap, PHC is adopting recommendations from California Future Health Workforce Commission Final Report as a guiding principle in our work.

The California Future Health Workforce Commission was a commission made up of 24 commissioners that included health policy, workforce development, and education leaders in the state—including our own CEO, Liz Gibboney.  The commission worked for nearly 2 years to develop a plan on how the state might be able to meet the growing health care needs of Californians.  The commission released the final report (executive summary linked here) which included 10 'Priorities for Action' for the state to utilize in order to create and sustain the workforce communities need.  


​PHC's Workforce Development initiatives will focus on helping ensure that every member can access health care safely, effectively, timely, efficiently, and equitably.

Partnership HealthPlan of California understands that it is important to holistically support the provider organizations and individual providers. This workforce development webpage content is intended to support the needs of both audiences. 

PHC is continually working to support providers in a dynamic manner and are continually working to update this website.  If you feel there is content that you do not see listed here, please click here  to let us know.

Recorded Webinars


Partnership HealthPlan of California hosts live webinars on many Workforce Development topics, including Community Health Worker (CHW) role development,  HPSA (Health Professional Shortage Area) Score Improvement, and Provider Recruitment during COVID-19. 

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