Perinatal QIP

In 2018 the Perinatal Quality Improvement Program (Perinatal QIP) was introduced as a pilot program to include participation of two (2) of the largest practices in Partnership HealthPlan of California's (PHC's) major regions. The Perinatal QIP offers financial incentives to participating Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP) and select non-CPSP providers providing quality and timely prenatal and postpartum care to PHC members. Since inception, the Perinatal QIP has expanded to primary care and specialty providers within the fourteen counties we serve.  As a result, it has been added as a permanent fiscal year offering in PHC's value based payment programs starting on July 1, 2020.

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​Perinatal QIP Overview

To help orient our hospitals to the Perinatal QIP year, we have provided measurement set documents as well as submission templates and resources.

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Perinatal QIP ECDS Webinar

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The Quality Measure Highlights include the measure specifications, guidance on compliant and non-compliant documents, and strategies to improve measure performance.