COVID-19 Provider Resources

We want to keep our communities and our staff healthy and safe. This includes taking social distancing seriously. So, while we are still here to help, most of us are helping you from home.

If you have questions related to implementing telehealth, billing, or any other inquiries, give us a call and we'll walk through those questions with you. You can call us at (800) 863-4155 or (707) 863-4100.

State Resources

COVID CalVaxGrant - Funded by CDPH and administered by Physicians for a Healthy California, the CalVaxGrant will offer grant funding, one-on-one myCAvax support, and vaccine administration resources for medical practices administering COVID-19 vaccines. Application IS open 7/12 through 8/13.

ACEs Aware - Provides information on managing stress related to COVID-19 for health care providers, their teams, and patients.

DHCS APL - Provides Medi-Cal managed care health

plans (MCPs) with information and guidance regarding COVID-19 vaccine coverage and administration in the Medi-Cal program.

Department of Health Care Services

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Administration FAQ's

California Department of Public Health