HEDIS Medical Records Retrieval

EMR Remote Retrieval

Given the time-sensitive nature of the HEDIS Medical Record project, we are encouraging providers to utilize the EMR Remote Access method to improve efficiency and reduce the resources that are required from a provider site needed to complete retrieval.

PHC’s HEDIS Team has developed a suite of materials to address common questions from providers about the EMR Remote Access retrieval method. If you have a question that is not addressed, please contact us.


Engagement Letter

We have provided an engagement letter to introduce the EMR Remote Retrieval method and our remote retrieval vendor KDJ Consultants as well as engage key stakeholders at your site.

Click here to view the EMR Remote Retrieval Engagement Letter


EMR Remote Retrieval Form

If your site is selecting the EMR Remote Retrieval for HEDIS 2018, please click here to complete the EMR Remote Retrieval Form. In the event you cannot access the link above, please return the completed EMR Remote Retrieval Form below to HEDISMRA@partnershiphp.org or by fax to (707) 863-4314.

Click here to view a PDF version of the Remote Access Retrieval Form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To learn more information about EMR Remote Retrieval, please see our FAQ.

Click here to view EMR Remote Retrieval FAQ


Contact Us

Email: HEDISMRA@partnershiphp.org
Phone: (866) 828-2302
Fax: (707) 863-4314