CalAIM Initiative and Programs

California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM) is a multi-year initiative, by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to improve the quality of life and health outcomes of individuals on Medi-Cal by implementing broad delivery system, as well as program and payment reform across the Medi-Cal program. The CalAIM initiative utilizes the Medi-Cal program to help address the multifaceted challenges facing California's most vulnerable residents such as individuals experiencing homelessness, behavioral health care access, children with complex care needs, the growing number of justice-involved populations who have significant clinical needs and the growing aging population.

The three primary goals of CalAIM are:

      • Identify and manage member risk and need through whole person care approaches and addressing Social Determinants of Health.
      • Move Medi-Cal to a more consistent and seamless system by reducing complexity and increasing flexibility.
      • Improve quality outcomes, reduce health disparities, and drive delivery system transformation and innovation through value-based initiatives, modernization of systems and payment reform. 

CalAIM Initiative

To better recognize and manage Partnership HealthPlan of California's members' risk and needs for health and behavioral conditions, access to care, chronic diseases, and disabilities, DHCS is organizing a whole system, person-centered approach that leads to a better quality of life for our Partnership members, as well as long-term cost savings and avoidance. The elements of this enhanced whole system include:

      • A statewide population health management strategy
      • A statewide Enhanced Care Management (ECM) benefit
      • Implementation of optional Community Supports (ILOS)
      • Implementation of incentive payments for plans and providers
      • Participation in the Serious Mental Illness (SMI)/Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) demonstration
      • Required screening and enrollment for Medi-Cal prior to release from county jail
      • Pilot full integration of physical health, behavioral health and oral health under one contracted entity in a county

The key elements of the CalAIM initiative are built off the previous federal waiver programs success, which includes but are not limited to, Whole Person Care (WPC) and Health Homes Program (HHP). Partnership was part of the WPC program but did not participate in the HHP. The WPC program was county based and the five Partnership participating counties were Marin, Mendocino, Napa, Shasta, and Sonoma. Throughout this new DHCS initiative, services provided under programs such as WPC for Partnership members will be transitioned under CalAIM and also made available to more of Partnership's members.

CalAIM Related Material

Enhanced Care Management

Community Supports

CalAIM Grant Program

Utilizing CalAIM Incentive Payment Program (IPP) funding, Partnership has developed 2024-2025 CalAIM grants to invest in Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports (CS) providers. Grants are open to all ECM and CS providers in Partnership's 24 counties.

The following categories of 2024-2025 grants are available (applicants may apply to ONE category)

  • Information technology/data exchange infrastructure (for providers contracted after July 1, 2023)
  • Justice involved population of focus – infrastructure and capacity building 
  • Children and youth population of focus – infrastructure and capacity building 
  • Community health workers – infrastructure and capacity building 
  • Build capacity and/or expand short-term post hospitalization and/or recuperative care facility 
  • Capital project that adds permanent supportive housing

For the 2024-2025 CalAIM Grant application and other resourcesclick here.

Applications will be available April 1, 2024.

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PHC Community Supports Services: 
  • Housing Transition Navigation Services 

  • Housing Deposits

  • Housing Tenancy and Sustaining Services

  • Short-Term Post Hospitalization Housing 

  • Recuperative Care (Medical Respite) 

  • Respite Services (Starting 1/1/2023)

  • Personal Care and Homemaker Services (Starting 1/1/2023) 

  • Medically Tailored Meals or Medically Supportive Food

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Data Sharing and Collective Medical 

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PHC CalAIM Grant Program

The PHC CalAIM IPP Grant Program is not accepting applications at this time. If you are interested in applying for a future round of IPP funding, please check our website for any announcements related to potential future cycles.

We encourage providers to consider the DHCS PATH Initiative for funding to support efforts to build and improve your ECM and CS delivery systems. Additional information, as well as the applications for PATH funding, can be found here:

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ECM Timeframes 

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The Incarcerated and Transitioning to the Community Population of Focus will go live statewide in alignment with pre-release Medi-Cal services. DHCS will announce timing at a later date in alignment with the 1115 demonstration waiver request to provide pre-release services in the 90 days prior to release.

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DHCS CalAIM Links and Contact
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DHCS CalAIM Revised Proposal

DHCS CalAIM Executive Summary and Key Changes

DHCS CalAIM Contact 

Community Supports (ILOS) Timeframes

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PHC Hosted Webinars  

ECM/Community Supports (ILOS) Webinar6/24/2021
9 - 
11 a.m.

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ECM/Community Supports (ILOS) Webinar

9 -
11 a.m.

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ECM/Community Supports (ILOS)9/30/2021

1 -
2 p.m.

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​Collective Medical Training
12/14/2021Noon -
1 p.m.​
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​CalAIM ECM - What is a Care Plan Webinar
​11 a.m. - Noon
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Care Plan Example
​Care Plan 101 Medical Model Considerations
1 -
2 p.m.​
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​Care Navigation 101: Behavioral Health Considerations
​10 -
11 a.m.
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​Care Navigation 101: Dental Health Considerations
​11 a.m. - Noon
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​Importance of Screening Blood Pressure, A1C, and PHQ-9
11 a.m. - Noon​Recorded Link
Long-Term Support Services (LTSS)​10/26/2022
​1 -
2 p.m.
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