STD Prevention


Sexually Transmitted Diseases


A person gets a sexually transmitted disease (STD) when he or she has sex of any kind with a person who has a STD. There are many kinds of STDs. STDs are very common. Some STDs do not have signs so you will not know if you have one. Other STDs can make you very sick and even cause death. The good news is all STDs can be treated and some can even be cured.

If you are having sex, it is good for you and your partner to get tested. If you are comfortable talking to your health care provider, he or she can help you get tested. Your provider's phone number is on the front of your Partnership HealthPlan of CA ID card.

To find out where you can get tested in your area, visit the CDC website - Get Tested

If you want to learn more about STDs and how to prevent getting an STD, visit the CDC website - Sexually Transmitted Diseases