Managing Pain Safely

​About the Managing Pain Safely Program

We are working with our communities to increase awareness of the importance of safe prescribing of opioid medicine, like Morphine, Hydrocodone, Methadone, OxyContin, and others.

We have instituted new prescribing guidelines with the help of those in the community to safeguard the health and well-being of our members. Our initial goal is to prevent escalating doses of opioids for patients already on high doses and to help assist the clinicians in our network prescribing opioids safely and appropriately.

Pain Medications - Recent History

1970 - 1990: New legislation punished healthcare professionals and institutions for undertreating pain. New long-acting opioids were developed and marketed.

2005 - 2010: Evidence accumulated regarding the dangers of prolonged use of opioids including addiction.

2010 - 2013: Major national organizations released guidelines recommending limiting use of opioids in chronic, non-cancer, non-terminal pain​.

​Member Resources

We are pleased to offer member resources that can be used to help manage chronic pain.

Partnership Medi-Cal members can contact Carelon Behavioral Health (formerly Beacon Health Options) at
(855) 765-9703 for behavioral health services to help manage their pain safely. Click on the flyer below for additional information:

At Home Resources

Guided Relaxation for At-Home Use by Karen V. Stephen, Ph.D., Partnership Mental Health Clinical Director (© 2015)

18-Minute Guided Relaxation for At-Home Use (MP3 Version) -


or click here to download the Guided Relaxation.

Benefits of Guided Relaxation:

      • Easier breathing
      • Less muscle tension
      • More positive thoughts
      • Focus away from the pain

Steps for using the Guided Relaxation at home:

      • Find a quiet place to sit. Be sure your head and body are supported. Uncross your legs. Place your hands in your lap or by your sides.
      • Follow the easy instructions on the 18-minute Guided Relaxation recording.
      • Set a goal to practice twice a day.
      • Find out how Guided Relaxation can ease pain, worry, and stress in six to eight weeks.