Patient Safety and Quality Assurance



In keeping with Partnership HealthPlan of California's (PHC) mission statement to help our members and the communities we serve be healthy, a key component is patient safety.  

Patient safety and quality assurance activities include:

  • Conducting site reviews to ensure that primary c​​are providers have the capacity to maintain patient safety standards and practices
  • Monitoring quality of health care provided through primary care medical record review
  • Assessing the level of physical accessibility of provider sites, including specialist and ancillary providers that serve a high volume of seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Monitoring Initial Health Assessment (IHA) rate
  • Investigation of potential quality issues

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Southern Site Review Fax: (707) 863-4316
Northern Site Review Fax: (530) 999-6950
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Potential Quality Issue Fax: (707) 863-4316
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​Site Rev​iew
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A Site Review (SR) is comprised of a Facility Site Review (FSR) and a Medical Records Review (MRR) using tools developed by the California Department of Health Care Services and Medi-Cal managed health care plans collectively.

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Physical Accessibility Review Survey - Part C

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​The Physical Accessibility Review Survey (PARS) assesses the physical accessibility of provider sites using the California Department of Health Care Services developed standards with acknowledgement of the Americans with Disability Act.

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​Potential ​Quality Issues
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The review process for Potential Quality Issues is a comprehensive and effective program with mechanisms in place to ensure patient safety and quality assurance.

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