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ADVANCE is a ten-month quality improvement training program that prepares participants to lead and sustain health care quality improvement initiatives. 

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Program Overview 

In the ADVANCE program, participants have the opportunity to:

      • Learn from quality leaders and experts
      • Apply learning in real time to a QIP focused quality improvement project
      • Receive 1:1 coaching from Partnership HealthPlan QI staff
      • Gain quality improvement and project management knowledge, tools, and skills
      • Establish infrastructure and affect practice culture to advance future improvement endeavors

Quality Improvement experts guide participants in practical, participatory learning sessions. Topics covered include:

      • The Model for Improvement
      • PDSAs in Action
      • Understanding Variation
      • Using Data for Improvement
      • Change Management
      • Spread and Sustainability
      • Project Management and Meeting Facilitation

The ADVANCE Advantage

Training delivered by expert faculty, via a combination of on-site and virtual learning sessions.

Hands-on application of learning to a QIP focused Quality Improvement Project:

      • ​​​​​Using the Model for Improvement as a framework, participants will practice their quality improvement skills at their site by leading a QI project
​ Mentorship from a Partnership HealthPlan Performance Improvement Advisor:

        • Regular check-ins to assess progress of project and provide feedback, direction, and support
        • A minimum of one site visit during the program
        • Ongoing training to enhance team effectiveness
        • Recommendations regarding project documentation

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