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Medi-Cal Provider Manual




Partnership HealthPlan of California (PHC) is a non-profit community based health care organization that contracts with the State of California and local counties to ensure that children and adults with limited income and resources can receive medical services at little or no cost. With six offices in four locations in Eureka, Fairfield, Redding, and Santa Rosa, we provide quality health care to more than 551,000 Medi-Cal members.

Provider Manuals

These Provider Manuals are designed as a reference guide and communications tool for PHC providers and their staff related to accessing and providing comprehensive, effective, and quality medical services to PHC members.
PHC reserves the right to revise these policies and procedures at any time.

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The information found in these manuals is subject to change due to policy changes, regulation, or legislation. If you have any questions or need clarification regarding a policy or the version date please contact our Provider Relations Department at (800) 863-4155.


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