Substance Use Disorder Resources


​Substance use disorder occurs when a person's use of alcohol or another drug leads to health issues or problems at work, school, or home.  ​​​(Co​​​​urtesy​​ of Medline Plus​​)

This page has links to PHC Health Services Webinars, Trainings, and Events for Providers.

Note: PHC Policy MCUP 3101 is being revised for clarification.​



February 8, 2018

Important New Development in Privacy and Security


September 6, 2017

Cannabis Use and Cannabis Use Disorder in the Setting of Legalization


Webinar Slides​​​

May 24, 2017

Transition of Care for Incarcerated Populations:  Rate of Medicaid Managed Care in Arizona


​​Webinar Slides​

May 11, 2017

Perinatal Substance Use Disorder Conference


​​​Webinar Slides

May 10, 2017

Advances in Decompensated Heart Failure and Left Ventricular Assist Devices:  Who to Keep and Who to Transfer​


​​Webinar Slides​

January 11, 2017

​​​​​In-Patient Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Materials



​​​​Webinar Slides​

All Plan Letter Voluntary In-Patient Detox​