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This roundtable is an opportunity for us to share information, answer questions, and respond to your concerns. We are committed to sharing information with you to facilitate a smooth process from point of service to appropriate reimbursement.

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Wellness and Recovery: Onboarding


Wellness and Recovery:
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ASAM Training Series


Understanding the American Society of Addiction
Medicine (ASAM) Criteria in the Context of the 
California Treatment System

June 30, 2017 - ASAM Criteria-A​:  Introduction

ASAM A Recording​

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July 28, 2017 - ASAM Criteria-B​:  Documentation

ASAM B Recording

Presentation Materials

August 30, 2017 — ASAM Criteria-C:
Re-assessment, Tool Review

ASAM C Recording​


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Past Webinars

Treatment Options? What Treatment Options?

Making Sense of Methamphetamine

Review history and mechanism of action of amphetamine and methamphetamine. Also review pharmacotherapies of amphetamine/methamphetamine use disorder.



First Do No Harm: A Webinar: Ensuring Safety and Correct Disposition when Performing a Medical Clearance Exam for Alcohol Withdrawal

Withdrawal from chronic alcohol consumption can range in severity from mild to very severe, with life-threatening delirium tremens. The physician or other clinician performing the history, physical exam, and lab evaluation has an important responsibility: to anticipate which patients are more likely to have a complicated withdrawal requiring more intensive monitoring. Lower risk patients can often be managed while living at home with close follow-up.

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ED Screening for Outpatient Alcohol Withdrawal Management



Gabapentanoids: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

In light of the nationwide opioid crisis, the healthcare community has become increasingly aware of misuse and/or addiction as potential consequences of many prescription medications. The misuse and/or addictive potential of many medications is subject to significant misunderstanding, with both over and underestimations of risk for even the same medications being common. Therefore, it is essential to understand the up-to-date pharmacological and epidemiological use profiles of prescribed medications in order to maximize efficacy and accurately assess and mitigate risk.

The gabapentanoid medications (gabapentin, pregabalin) are a class of increasingly prescribed medications to treat a range of illnesses from neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety and alcohol use disorder, to name a few. The clinical benefits and pharmacological profiles of the various gabapentanoids are becoming better understood, as are the potential risk profiles.

This webinar will review the pharmacokinetics and evidence of adverse effects, misuse, and effectiveness of this class of medications.  Presented by Edwin A. Salsitz, M.D., DFASAM, Associate Clinical Professor; Addiction Institute Mount Sinai, Education Director

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Marijuana and Pregnancy

Use of marijuana among pregnant and post-partum women is increasing, and messaging around the risks of marijuana use in these women is often mixed. This webinar aims to inform providers about the state of the science regarding marijuana use during pregnancy and in the post-partum period, such that providers can undertake scientifically-informed conversations with their clients about marijuana use while pregnant or postpartum.  Presented by Brian Montenegro (MD), and Jeffrey DeVido (MD, MTS). 

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CIBHS ASAM Criteria-Webinar by Jan Tice, PhD

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ASAM Criteria-A Webinar (Part One)

ASAM Criteria-A Webinar (Part Two)

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Pharmacology, physiological responses and risks of benzodiazepine use. Presented by Jeffrey DeVido (MD, MTS), David Kan (MD), and Alex Threlfall (MD).



Addiction Treatment Demystified: Proven, Practical Steps for Complex Care

R. Corey Waller, MD, MS, FACEP, DFASAM, Addiction, Pain, Emergency Medicine Specialist; Managing Partner, Complex Care Consulting, LLC; Chair, Legislative Advocacy Committee for the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)

Catherine Mather, MA, Director, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)​

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Seeking Safety

An evidence-based model for trauma and/or substance abuse.

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Motivational Interviewing

Effecting change through the use of motivational interviewing.

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Advanced Motivational Interviewing

This coursed provides in-depth information on fostering and utilizing change talk to increase client motivation towards change across all health. Taking this course requires previous training in motivational interviewing (see training above).

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Setting the Stage for Successful Change 

Webinar - PowerPoint Slides



​California Improvement Network:
How to Integrate Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment into Primary Care

        Webinar - PowerPoint Slides



Medi-Cal Medically Tailored Meals Pilot Program

December 12, 2018

Webinar - PowerPoint Slides

Using Behavioral Health Information to Facilitate Total Patient Care with State Health Information Guidance (SHIG)

May 31,2018



Important New Development in Privacy and Security

February 8, 2018



Cannabis Use and Cannabis Use Disorder in the Setting of Legalization

September 6, 2017


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Trauma Informed Care and Addiction 101

June 2, 2017

Listen to this webinar to learn the basics of trauma informed care, hear an overview of the neurobiology of trauma and addiction, gain an understanding of challenging patient behaviors and practical strategies that will change those difficult patient interactions and the "what it is" and "why it's important" of trauma informed care.




Transition of Care for Incarcerated Populations: Rate of Medicaid Managed Care in Arizona​

May 24, 2017


​​Webinar Slides​


Partnership HealthPlan and Drug Medi-Cal Webinar

May 22, 2017           

Listen to this webinar to learn about Partnership HealthPlan and how Drug Medi-Cal will be affecting the region.




Perinatal Substance Use Disorder Conference

May 11, 2017


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Advances in Decompensated Heart Failure and Left Ventricular Assist Devices:  Who to Keep and Who to Transfer​

May 10, 2017


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In-Patient Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Materials

January 11, 2017


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All Plan Letter Voluntary In-Patient Detox​