Wellness and Recovery Benefit


November 2017

What's New in Planning for the Wellness and Recovery Benefit Model?​

Regional Model for Substance Use Treatment System (aka "Wellness and Recovery"): with federal approval, California is enacting a Medi-Cal Waiver Demonstration Project that will provide the full continuum of substance use care for Medi-Cal enrollees. The new benefit will go beyond the current network of limited outpatient; intensive outpatient; and narcotic treatment (methadone) programs to include withdrawal management; medication-assisted treatment; residential care and case management services. Services will be available to all Medi-Cal recipients who meet the medical necessity criteria as determined by the American Society of Addiction Management (ASAM) scale. This would include:​

  • Outpatient treatment (licensed professional or certified counselor, provide nine hours per week for adults)
  • Intensive outpatient treatment for individuals with greater treatment needs (licensed professional or certified counselor, structured programming, nine-19 hours per week for adults)
  • Detoxification services (withdrawal management)
  • Residential treatment (One ASAM level, DHCS licensed facility, certified staff)
  • Medically assisted treatment (methadone, buprenorphine, disulfiram, naloxone)

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The state is phasing in the option, starting with Bay Area counties and ending with Native American health clinics.

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