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The PHC 2014 Formulary: This edition includes the formularies for the three PHC lines of business: Medi-Cal, PartnershipAdvantage (Part D) and Healthy Kids. Updated Medication Class Comparison tables and Prior Authorization (PA) Criteria Guidelines are also included. As formulary status and coverage criteria are subject to change with each quarterly Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee meeting, please refer to quarterly formulary updates for updated formulary information. There is also a new page for P & T changes (at left), to help keep you informed of changes to the formulary throughout the year.

Medicare Drug Formularies: Visit websites offer and to learn how you can access the many Medicare Part D formularies via your computer or PDA.

Pharmacy Policy and Procedure manual: Check your manual first if you have questions regarding coordination of benefits (COB) billing or treatment authorization request (TAR). Any new updates to the manual will be sent to you and briefly discussed via the Quarterly Pharmacy Update Newsletter.

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Note: Our Formulary, Procedure Manual and other files are in PDF format that require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may obtain a copy of the free Acrobat Reader software and installation instructions for Macintosh, UNIX or Windows from Adobe Systems Incorporated.