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General Help

General help and frequently asked questions:

Need help? This page explains how to navigate our site so you can easily take advantage of all we have to offer.

At Partnership HealthPlan of California, we want you to have the best experience possible, so we've made navigation in our website easy. We categorized the web content into groups and kept the menu bar on every page, so you can click on it from anywhere. We've also included a Search feature so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

The Quick Navigation drop-down menu will help you get to the most frequently used pages at our website. The menu at the left (under the building photo) has the Member and Provider Services. There is also a Search feature as well as a Site Map in the dark maroon colored menu across the top.

How to access Online Services

Online Services allows providers in our network to access information services through our secure web site. These services include:

  • eEligibility: Providers can check member eligibility online
  • eRAF: Allows providers to submit Referral Authorizations over the Internet
  • eTAR: Allows providers to submit Treatment authorization requests over the Internet

Note: This site is secure and requires a username and password. To set up your username and password and learn more about this system, please contact our provider relations department at 707-863-4100

If you already have login information, you can click on the Online Services link under menu bar Provider as shown in the picture

Why I am not able to access provider manuals?

Manuals and other documents in our website require the user to have Adobe acrobat reader installed on their machine.

Click on the Adobe logo to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat reader.


Is there a site map?

We provide a site map feature where users can access all the web pages from a single page. It also shows the different web content groups and related web pages that fall under each category. You can access this page by clicking Site map on the menu bar.


How to search for a particular keyword within the site.

Users can click Search on the menu bar and click on Entire website to get to the search page


Is my information secure?

Yes. We provide SSL encryption using digital certificates for all the secure transactions in our website. To support this security feature and other features, user's browser must be Internet explorer 5.0 or above. To read about our privacy policy click here or access it from our home page located on the bottom right corner.

Why don't some pages fit my screensize?

Our website is tuned and optimized for 800X600 monitor resolution (recommeneded) and above. Please check your monitor resolution settings

I'm getting script errors. What do I do?

Our website is designed to work with MS Internet Explorer browser version 5.0 (IE 5.0) or above. If you have previous or other browsers, you may have to upgrade it to IE 5.0. If you still have problems, please contact our webmaster by clicking here.